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Brooklyn Physical Therapy: How To Find The Best Workers’ Comp Clinic Near You

Brooklyn physical therapy

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In 2018, New York’s private industry employees were privy to more than 140,000 nonfatal workplace illnesses and injuries.

Health services, education, transportation, retail, and utility sectors accounted for more than half of those injuries.

Even though construction accounts for 1 in 5 worker deaths in the United States every year, anyone can get injured at their place of employment — whether they work in a pizza shop or on a construction site.

If you’ve fallen ill or sustained an injury in Brooklyn, you might need an experienced physical therapy clinic to regain your health.

Are you looking for a doctor in Brooklyn who accepts workers’ compensation? Keep reading for a helpful guide on how to find the best physical therapy in Brooklyn, NY to treat your work-related injuries.

Common Work-Related Injuries in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is New York City’s biggest borough, with a population of over 2.5 million people.

A borough filled with thriving companies, both new and old, there are plenty of jobs to go around.

Some of the most common work-related injuries are:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Cuts and burns
  • Repetitive hand injuries
  • Machine-related injuries
  • Lower back injuries
  • Overextension injuries
  • Workplace violence injuries
  • Motor vehicle or bike accident injuries

Injuries are considered work-related when you’re doing something on behalf of your employer or your job. You don’t have to be in the building for it to be work-related.

If you made a delivery for work in your car or on a bike and got injured in the process, it’s work-related. If your employer hosted a holiday party and you got injured at the party, that would also be work-related.

How Can Brooklyn PT Help After a Work-Related Injury?

If you get injured at work, one of the most crucial steps you’ll take is to apply for workers’ comp. Next, you’ll have to find a physical therapy office that accepts workers’ compensation as payment.

When you find a workers’ comp physical therapy clinic, you can rest assured knowing that your medical professional will:

  • Provide the best course of treatment
  • Be familiar with workers’ comp physical therapy paperwork
  • Be knowledgeable about city and state workers’ comp requirements
  • Be and Authorized NYS WCB Medical Provider

What Does Physical Therapist Do?

If you’ve recently endured a work-related injury and you’re looking for Brooklyn physical therapy, don’t just search online for physical therapy near me. You’ll get the most out of a physical therapist who works specifically with workers’ comp patients.

Whether you need physical therapy instead of or after surgery to help you recover, a physical therapist will help you build back your muscles strength until you’re as close to full recovery as possible.

Physical therapists also educate their workers’ comp patients on their injuries to help minimize any future risk of injury in the workplace. They’ll work with you to develop and continuously adjust a treatment plan until you’re ready to return to work.

Workers’ comp physical therapists can treat many different injuries, including:

Don’t Wait to Start Physical Therapy. Get Same-Day Appointment

Have you recently been injured at work? Are you looking for Brooklyn physical therapy that accepts workers’ comp patients?

The right workers’ comp doctor will ensure you follow a dedicated path to recovery, without you having to worry about paying anything upfront.

Call (888) 590-4030 to find an experienced worker’s comp physical therapy clinic in Brooklyn. Same-Day Appointments are available.

Don’t delay; some injuries can be hidden for days or even weeks, call now, and get on your way to recovery today.

Find Workers' Comp Doctor Near You

Find Workers’ Comp Doctor Near You

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