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Top Long Island Chiropractors: Can They Help After A Workers’ Comp Injury

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Long Island, New York is famous for its bagels and diversity. Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight, the first to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean without stopping, started in Long Island.

Long Island is also home to the Long Island Railroad, the busiest commuter rail in the United States, and in all of North America. It transports about 300,000 people every day.

If you need to see an experienced workers’ comp chiropractor on Long Island, there are several quality chiropractors conveniently located nearby. Read on to learn everything you need to know about enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care on Long Island, NY.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Chiropractic Care?

There are several alternative medicine practices that are covered by workers’ comp covers on a limited basis. In the case of chiropractic workers’ comp will generally cover 36 sessions, but not necessarily any more than that.

That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get more than 36 sessions, but to continue your chiropractic treatment, you’ll likely need to take a trip to your medical doctor.

Workers’ comp will initially cover 3 visits to the chiropractor per week, for 12 weeks. To continue with further treatment after that, your doctor will have to secure a variance.

For those who’ve ever wondered “Does Chiropractics work?”, it can help to know that medical doctors routinely recommend chiropractic treatment for those who have suffered work-related injuries.

Common Work-Related Injuries

Some of the most common work-related injuries come from falls, muscle strain, or are repetitive strain injuries. There are other common work-related injuries that come from inhaling toxic fumes or being exposed to loud noises.

Chiropractic treatment can potentially help with all of these, but especially with injuries related to neck pain, other joint pain, and general muscle strain or misalignment.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors special in treating neuromuscular disorders. Misalignments in your spine can end up putting pressure on your nervous system, or on your muscles.

They can also force you to adopt an unbalanced posture, putting strain on your muscles to help correct for being off balance. Chiropractors’ skills allow them to find misalignments in your spine and correct them, bringing your joints back into their correct places.

Chiropractic Benefits

Because the spine affects your bones, joints, muscles, and nervous system, correcting any problems in it can end up fixing a very long list of physical ailments.

Chiropractic care can relieve chronic back pain, both in the muscles and in the joints. It can relieve tension on your muscles, thus relieving tension headaches at the same time.

Chiropractic care can even help you lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. The spine is critical to the functioning of all the systems of the body.

Get the Treatment You Need to Recover Quickly

With so many benefits to getting good chiropractic care in Long Island, it’s no wonder they are in high demand.

Call  (888) 590-4030 to find a great chiropractor near you to speed your recovery after a work-related injury.


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