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Neurologist Doctor

Work-related injuries and car wrecks can be horrific and may result in multiple injuries include fractures, disc location, strained ligaments, and whiplash. Head injuries sustained in a car accident are usually the most dangerous. Moreover, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries among adults.

Similarly, an accident at the workplace, such as slipping on the concrete floor or falling from a heightened location, may result in crushed or fractured bones. Also, you may sustain a head injury as a result of a fall at the construction site of your workplace.

All such injuries may have a neurological impact, and it is essential to see a neurologist after an automobile accident or workers’ compensation injuries. It is not surprising that neurologists are one of the most consulted specialists in New York. 

Most of the victims of car and workplace injuries seek a neurologist’s help following the accident. The sooner the victim visits a doctor, the better it is for documentation of the injury and healing process.

What is Neurology?

It is a misconception that “Neurology” only involves the head and brain. Neurology is a rather broad medical field that deals with the entire nervous system. Thus, your neurologist takes care of your head, brain, spine, and the nerves running in your body.

Neurology is the study of your central nervous system for the treatment of neurological disorders. The nervous system is a complex system with nerves running from your brain and spine to the entire body.

Serious nerve damage can be a result of a car accident or workplace injury, and lead to serious harm to your body.

Who is a Neurologist?

Now that you know that neurology is a branch of medicine with the central nervous system, you can deduce that neurologist deals with the brain and nervous disorders. They have expertise in diagnosing, treating, and managing neurological disorders. Thus, the neurologists are trained in recognizing and treating the nerve-injuries.  

So, it is important to see a worker’s comp neurologist at the early stage so that he/she can identify the symptoms of neurological issues. Also, it helps to provide treatment for injuries sustained after an auto accident or at the workplace right away.

Neurological Issues after an Accident or Injury

Most people only associate bruises, whiplash, and fractured bones to car accidents. In the case of workplace injuries, they think of fractures, disc displacement, or tear and soft tissue injuries. However, these are not the only injuries that you may sustain. 

The nervous system consists of the central nervous system –the brain and spinal cord, and Peripheral nervous system –the system that links the central system to the rest of the body.

Both of the systems may sustain injuries after a car wreck or workplace accident. A nerve-injury, in either case, can adversely affect your entire nervous system. When the brain and spinal nerves get affected, they can cause symptoms of neurological issues.

While some victims may not see any clear signs at first, others may experience immediate effects. The severity of the symptoms depends upon the nature of injuries sustained in the automobile or workplace accident.

The most common neurological symptoms include:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Difficulty in balancing
  • Tingling in extremities
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Weakness in extremities

Treatment of Neurological Injuries

So, if you get involved in a car accident or sustain injuries while you were at work, you may develop some neurological issues.

For the treatment, it is paramount to visit a neurologist, who is not only an expert in treating nerve-injuries but also knows No-fault and Workers’ Compensation laws and the claim process.

Neurologists have expertise in treating head trauma injuries. They know the science of the nervous system and how to heal the injuries.

Also, a specialist in neurology takes preventive measures to prevent secondary damage. So, a neurologist will help alleviate the symptoms, thereby providing the right treatment.

It is essential to understand that neurological treatments are exclusive. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan for your neurological issues after carefully observing the root cause. Thus, you will receive the treatment specific to your problems.

Final Thoughts

Whether your injury is minor or severe, the symptoms are immediate or delayed, do not waste time. Timing is the key to a speedy recovery and claiming insurances.

Your primary care physician or a chiropractor may recommend a neurological evaluation. Consulting a neurologist is crucial for effective treatment after an accident injury. 

There are many neurologists in New York have specialization in injury cases.

If you are injured in an accident at your workplace, find a neurologist who is authorized by NY WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board). This will help you in properly documenting your injuries, thereby filing the claim for workers’ compensation.

Similarly, for nerve-injuries sustained in an auto accident, make sure to consult an authorized neurologist who can accept your No-Fault insurance.

If you were injured at work or in an auto accident and looking for an experienced workers’ comp neurologist, you’ve come to the roght place. Call (888) 590-4030 to the best doctors in New York today.

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