Pain Management

Pain Management Doctor

Throughout our careers, we often risk injuring ourselves while on the job, and some of these injuries might need long-term treatment for chronic pain. Physicians who specialize in this type of care are known as pain management doctors. They focus on how chronic pain affects a patient’s physical abilities after a workplace accident, as well as addressing quality of life issues that may also result.

As highly-trained specialists, pain doctors create a customized treatment plan to assist an injured person in dealing with long-term pain and suffering. Most doctors in this field will try to use more conservative measures first when helping a patient return to normal activities. New York worker’s compensation insurance should cover treatments in this field, whether it stems from tissue injuries or nerve damage.

What is Chronic Pain and How Pain Management Can Help

Chronic pain occurs when our nerves send signals of discomfort and pain to our brain for long periods of time. For many workers, this health situation could occur because of a one-time injury that was traumatic like a fall off of a ladder, or it could be a result of ongoing stress on a joint or muscle. Repetitive motion injuries often create regular discomfort that requires an experienced pain management doctor to help create a successful care plan for relief.

It’s important to recognize that constant discomfort will also create additional health problems over time, making it essential to get treatment as soon as possible. Pain is taxing on the human body and can cause one to experience:

● Irritability
● Depression and anxiety
● Insomnia
● Clouded thought

These conditions can even heighten the level of pain you experience, leaving you feeling further disabled. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury that has left you in constant pain, contact a reputable New York pain management doctor about your situation.

Workplace Injuries That Can Cause Chronic Pain

There are numerous types of job activities that can result in a trauma or repetitive stress injury which may leave us with near-constant aches and soreness that never go away. One of the top workman’s compensation injuries involves damage to the back. From strains to painful sprains, we hurt our bodies in the workplace when we lift incorrectly, repetitively perform the same physical activity, or move around in ways that can make us herniate a disc.

These experiences can change our lives dramatically and require a pain management doctor to plan and manage our discomfort for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, we can’t even return to our previous work commitments and end up taking light-duty or having to change careers altogether. The type of duties we perform on the job can have inherent dangers we don’t even consider when first starting our positions. Some of these tasks could include harmful activities, such as:

● Heavy lifting in a warehouse or construction environment
● Repetitive motion tasks that can accumulate stress on our bodies like working on an assembly line
● On the job accidents like chemical or heat burns, trips and falls, or having an object like a pallet full of product fall on us
● Sitting at a desk or in a driver’s seat all day without opportunities to stretch can weaken back muscles

As you can see, even a light-duty work demand like driving a truck, can eventually break down your body and lead to injury and pain. A New York pain management doctor can help you understand what injury is causing your condition, and help you find relief so you can get back to enjoying life again.

How a Pain Management Doctor Can Treat Chronic Pain

Most doctors consider pain lasting longer than six months as a chronic condition. Everyone has their own level of discomfort that they can live with, but for some, it’s unbearable. New York worker’s compensation pain management doctors recognize this has a disabling effect on the patient and will develop a care plan to put an end to the agony brought by workplace injuries.

Doctors in this specialty have a wide array of treatment options available to create the best regimen possible to help you recover. They will also coordinate with your regular physician to assess your full medical history and make sure everyone is on the same page about your condition and the progress being made.

Some treatment methods your workers' comp pain management doctor may recommend, include:

● Physiotherapy
● Prescription and/or over-the-counter pain relief
● Electrical stimulation
● Surgery
● Aquatic therapy
● Therapeutic massage
● Psychotherapy
● Relaxation and meditation

The ultimate goal for patients who receive care from a pain management physician is to heal and return to work, even if only light-duty tasks are possible and pain medication mitigates discomfort. Typically, patients can expect to undergo a combination of these care options during the course of treatment.