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Chiropractor, Bronx, NY

An injury can do more than set you back a few days: it may alter your life. One mistake you may make is dismissing the aches and pains after an accident as normal.

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a car crash or an incident on the job, getting a comprehensive medical exam in the aftermath helps set you up for recovery. A clinic that includes car accidents and workers’ comp doctors can provide a complete picture of your injuries and a plan for treatment.

Chiropractor, Bronx, NY
Car Accident Chiropractor

Car Accidents Lead to Tragedy

Car accident injuries are some of the most serious we see and treat. As Channel 10 News reports, the first half of 2021 saw more traffic fatalities than all of 2020. With the uptick in crashes comes the possibility that you may become part of the unfortunate trend. What kind of injuries might you find yourself dealing with in a car accident?

Whiplash Injuries

Don’t let anyone tell you that the pain in your neck will go away on its own. The force of the head-snapping forward may cause microscopic tears in the soft tissue of the neck, a condition known as whiplash. A proper course of physical therapy combined with medication may aid in healing this debilitating injury.

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Back Pain Chiropractor in Bronx NY

Back Injuries

A car crash can cause a range of damage to the back. Muscle tears and strains in the back may result in permanent impairment and mobility limitations. A recovery plan guided by a chiropractor in the Bronx may ease symptoms. However, the most destructive back injuries are those to the spinal column. Disc herniations and spinal cord intrusion may result in paralysis.

Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury resulting from a car crash may result in permanent damage and death, especially if left undiagnosed. A TBI does not always produce immediate signs. The Cleveland Clinic details the symptoms and consequences of an undetected brain bleed. If a hemorrhage continues without intervention, you run the risk of catastrophic damage.

Work Injury Chiropractic Bronx NY

Workers’ Comp Doctors Diagnose Workplace Injuries

Your job is the bread and butter of your family’s financial independence. When a situation arises that results in an injury, your healthcare needs should come first. At a workers comp clinic, the staff should have the knowledge and experience to understand the injuries synonymous with your profession.


The construction industry is one of the most dangerous. Even with safety protocols in place to protect workers, the CDC reports incidents on construction sites continue to occur at high rates. A fall is the most common source of construction site injuries. The higher the fall, the more likely you are to receive serious injuries.


Healthcare providers are not immune to on-the-job injuries. Aside from the inherent risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses, the job’s physical demands may cause bodily harm. Soft tissue damage from lifting patients and transporting equipment may cause long-lasting pain and impede your career progression.

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The steps you take in the hours following an accident are crucial to your health. Let our workers comp doctors examine you and produce a diagnostic report. Don’t wait for your condition to reach a critical level. Set up an appointment, and let us help you recover from whatever damage your body has suffered.

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