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NY Workers' Compensation insurance

How Does Workers' Compensation Insurance Work in New York?

 With a few exceptions, employers are required to carry New York workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers your medical bills if you are injured at work. For instance, if you fall off a ladder in a warehouse or cut your finger while chopping meat in a deli, the policy will cover your injuries. There are some things to keep in mind when making a workers’ compensation claim.

Report the Injury Immediately

If you are injured at work, it is important to report it immediately. Each company has a protocol for reporting injuries. You might need to go to the HR department or your supervisor. If your company has a risk-management department, you might have to report your injury there. Find out where you need to report it and do so as soon as you are injured.

You will likely have to fill out paperwork about the injury. Fill out the incident report so the company can make a claim on your behalf.

Seek Medical Treatment

In case of an emergency, an ambulance will pick you up and take you to the nearest hospital. In other cases, you need to go to the doctor. Your employer might choose the doctor for you. If not, you will need to select a facility that accepts NY workers’ compensation insurance claims. Failing to choose a provider who accepts these claims will lead to claim denial. Then you will have to pay for the health care with your insurance or out of pocket. This is expensive and unnecessary, so make sure you choose a provider that will accept your claim. 

Inform the Staff of Your Workers' Comp Claim

When you arrive at the health care facility, you will need to fill out paperwork. Indicate that you were injured at work, and this is a workers’ compensation claim. Then the provider will bill your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company instead of your insurance. This will save you the headache of having to get the bills rerouted in the future. 

Discuss the Injury With Your Doctor 

During the exam, discuss your injury with the doctor. Explain how it happened and go over your symptoms. Your doctor needs to properly document the injury to back up your claim. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the medical professional to provide proper documentation.

What Is Covered by the Workers' Compensation Insurance in New York?

You know that your initial medical exam is covered, but workers’ compensation insurance covers so much more. You will receive coverage for all the care necessary to treat your injury. That includes diagnostic testing, examinations, treatment, and medications. If you require surgery, that will be covered as well. To ensure that you receive the coverage you deserve, keep records. You will need access to your medical records and incident report. You might have to provide this information to the workers’ compensation insurance company if it tries to deny your claim.

What If You Are Billed by a Medical Provider?

In an emergency, you might forget to inform the health care provider that workers’ compensation insurance is responsible for the payment. If you receive a bill, you do not need to worry. Call your health care provider and ask for the bill to be resubmitted to the workers’ compensation insurance agency. Do not pay the bill.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

If you have been injured at work, you need a reliable provider to care for you. We accept workers’ compensation insurance claims, and we will provide you with the necessary documentation for your claim. Don’t suffer another day with your injury. Get the care you need, so you can start down the road to recovery, call  (888) 590-4030  today!


new york Workers' comp orthopedic doctor


Workers' Comp Orthopedic Care After an Injury at Work

  Every day in the United States, thousands of workers perform repetitive movements that may eventually cause an injury requiring orthopedic care. Hurting these areas can make it almost impossible to get back to work doing regular duties. Worker’s compensation orthopedists help employees recover from work-related injuries that affect the spine, shoulders, and many other joints in the body. By utilizing a range of treatment options, doctors in this field of medicine can perform necessary care to help restore one’s ability to work as normal. 

What Does a Worker’s Compensation Orthopedist Do?

Employees that experience a job site accident that leaves them debilitated, a New York orthopedist may have a solution for the problem that ibuprofen and ice can’t remedy. Orthopedic care involves treating injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Specialized training helps these doctors give patients an accurate diagnosis to pinpoint and treat the cause of work injury discomfort and pain. Many offices collaborate with other physicians to provide a complete care experience to heal workplace physical traumas caused by:

● Repetitive motion injuries

● Overexertion injuries

● Reaction injuries

Accurate assessment of your injuries is a critical part of your worker’s compensation claim, but a successful recovery also relies on the timeliness of treatment. Speak with a reputable New York orthopedist about your suffering after getting hurt at your job place. 

Their services include helping you with documenting your condition and progress, as well as some of the following:

● Orthopedic surgery

● Rehabilitation therapy

● Non-surgical orthopedic care

● Diagnostic testing 

● Fractures

● Strains and sprains of the spine, joints and supportive tissues

● Torn ligaments

● Nerve pain

Common Workplace Injuries Requiring Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic injuries continue to be the most expensively common workplace trauma in the state of New York and the rest of the United States. The American Chiropractic Association revealed that back pain alone causes over 264 million missed days of work annually, which translates to millions of dollars in lost wages and accumulated medical expenses for hurt employees. A worker’s compensation orthopedist is one of several types of highly-educated physicians that may need to provide care to help speed recovery and get a worker back to his or her full abilities if possible. 

When thinking about the staggering number of injured days off, it’s important to recognize that this situation is also indicative of frequent on the job injuries, including: 

Shoulder Injuries 

Often this type of injury occurs after moving objects regularly or performing heavy lifting. Sudden unexpected traumas can also lead to painful or immobile shoulders and require immediate care to prevent further complications. 

Neck Strains

Impact events that involve sudden slips and falls, or just working at a desk every day, can cause orthopedic neck injuries to develop. Computing is fast growing to become a leading cause of neck injury as working from home opportunities have increased, and workers don’t practice proper posture or use ergonomic office equipment. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Occasions, where uncomfortable tingling and pain are affecting the hand, could be symptoms of this health condition. Many times patients experience discomfort after long hours of typing or writing and may require surgery to correct the issue. 

Rotator Cuff Tears

This type of injury often occurs as a result of longtime repetitive use on the job or from landing after a fall with an outstretched arm. Rotator cuff tears are debilitating in nature and make tasks nearly impossible to perform no matter how basic an activity. 

Spinal Traumas

Herniated and slipped discs are serious conditions that can cause inflammation and compress nerves that lead to the spine. One could also suffer a pinched nerve, fracture a vertebra after skipping at work, or just need posture correction to alleviate excessively tired back muscles. This is a broad category with wide-ranging treatment options depending on the patient’s situation.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage To See A New York Orthopedic Doctor

For those who have had the misfortune of experiencing a workplace injury, a worker’s compensation orthopedist may have the best range of solutions for your condition. You should select a doctor that has many years of demonstrated experience and successful treatment history. It is possible that your regular physician or chosen chiropractor might give you a referral for further evaluation when developing a customized treatment plan.

Many of these specialists have on-hand staff or knowledge of the worker’s compensation process and what kind of documentation you need of your diagnosed injuries. This will prove invaluable to your claims process when substantiating your injury claim to receive needed medical and lost wage compensation during your care period.

new york workers' compensation chiropractor

Workers' Comp Chiropractor treating patient with work-related injuries

For those who suffer on the job injuries, they can file for worker’s compensation and have the right to choose who their treating physician is when seeking care. Under this required employer insurance, injured employees can receive any necessary treatment their doctor feels is needed to recover.

One such method of care is consulting with a New York chiropractor. Doctors in this field offer treatments that are usually non-invasive and promote total body wellness. Many patients who need chiropractic services after a workplace accident get relief from back-related pain and stiffness, conditions associated with musculoskeletal sprains and strains, as well as vertebrae and disc issues.

Common Workplace Injuries a New York Chiropractor Can Treat

In a single moment or over a gradual period of time, a workplace injury can happen. You might suffer from an acute muscle strain after overextending your back when trying to reach a box on a top shelf in your office. You could suffer from painful sciatica symptoms after years of sitting behind a desk for hours on end. 

Whether your job requires a lot of physical exertion or just minimal movement entering data on a computer, you may face a risk of hurting yourself and need an approved worker’s compensation chiropractor to treat you. 

Some common workplace injuries that chiropractic care may help include: 

● Back and neck strains due to poor work postures, poorly positioned mobile devices, and computer monitors that are not level with the eyes

● Nerves that are pinched due to inflammation related to muscle strains, herniated discs, and sudden movements

● Chronic tendonitis as a result of repetitive motion injuries of the joints

● Carpal tunnel syndrome where the median nerve gets compressed by wrist tissue inflammation because of typing or writing without appropriate ergonomic support

Don’t let your desk job fool you into feeling safe from ever needing to file a worker’s comp claim. Sudden slips and falls in your cafeteria or tumbling down a company stairway can result in a debilitating injury needing care. Trusting a local New York chiropractor to provide you with musculoskeletal service options will prove invaluable to your case. 

Visit Experienced New York Chiropractor for Workers' Comp Injuries


After suffering a traumatic back injury while working in your warehouse or receiving a carpal tunnel diagnosis, you will understand just how much your condition affects your work performance. This isn’t only about your inability to continue earning income, but also your overall health and welfare for a lifetime.

Medically based care for on the job injuries may push for surgery and prescriptions that require longer healing times. You may also find your ability to do your work isn’t what it used to be, and this needs proper documentation for your worker’s compensation claim to be successful. Many New York chiropractic providers have training for not only treating musculoskeletal injuries conservatively but also to fill out any necessary paperwork to document your condition accurately and appropriately. 

Typically, an injured worker might have their initial request for worker’s compensation refused because of reasons, such as:

● Wrong medical records were submitted

● Mistaken or incomplete paperwork

● Not enough medical documentation

● Missed a deadline for turning in claim information

● Failed to report your injury to your supervisor

● The injury doesn’t fall under state guidelines

Relying on a worker’s compensation chiropractor will help you to not only feel better but prove your claim. The state of New York requires employers to have this coverage, so you will have the ability to seek financial relief of your medical expenses while under care for your injury. There is no immediate guarantee that your claim will receive approval, and those who choose to handle this complicated process on their own regularly get denied at first.

Prioritize Your Care and See Workers' Comp Chiropractor Right Away

Ultimately, one of the most important benefits of seeking worker’s compensation chiropractic care is to get financially reimbursed for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs. It’s still important to not lose sight of the equally vital physical benefits you get from this field of medicine and its more natural approach to healing.

Through a more conservative practice of therapeutic massage, nutritional advice, physical rehabilitation, and chiropractic adjustments to the affected areas of your body, you will gradually improve your injury and return to work. Contact a trusted chiropractor today and learn more about their drug-free care approach that helps to relieve pain without heavy pain relievers and downtime from surgery. 

Workers' Comp Pain management doctor

Workers Comp Pain Management Doctor in Bronx, NY

Pain Management

Throughout our careers, we often risk injuring ourselves while on the job, and some of these injuries might need long-term treatment for chronic pain. Physicians who specialize in this type of care are known as pain management doctors. They focus on how chronic pain affects a patient’s physical abilities after a workplace accident, as well as addressing quality of life issues that may also result. 

As highly-trained specialists, pain doctors create a customized treatment plan to assist an injured person in dealing with long-term pain and suffering. Most doctors in this field will try to use more conservative measures first when helping a patient return to normal activities. New York worker’s compensation insurance should cover treatments in this field, whether it stems from tissue injuries or nerve damage.

What is Chronic Pain and how Pain Management Can Help

Chronic pain occurs when our nerves send signals of discomfort and pain to our brain for long periods of time. For many workers, this health situation could occur because of a one-time injury that was traumatic like a fall off of a ladder, or it could be a result of ongoing stress on a joint or muscle. Repetitive motion injuries often create regular discomfort that requires an experienced pain management doctor to help create a successful care plan for relief.

It’s important to recognize that constant discomfort will also create additional health problems over time, making it essential to get treatment as soon as possible. Pain is taxing on the human body and can cause one to experience:

● Irritability

● Depression and anxiety

● Insomnia

● Clouded thought

These conditions can even heighten the level of pain you experience, leaving you feeling further disabled. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury that has left you in constant pain, contact a reputable New York pain management doctor about your situation.

Workers' Comp Injuries That Can Cause Chronic Pain

There are numerous types of job activities that can result in a trauma or repetitive stress injury which may leave us with near-constant aches and soreness that never go away. One of the top workman’s compensation injuries involves damage to the back. From strains to painful sprains, we hurt our bodies in the workplace when we lift incorrectly, repetitively perform the same physical activity, or move around in ways that can make us herniate a disc. 

These experiences can change our lives dramatically and require a pain management doctor to plan and manage our discomfort for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, we can’t even return to our previous work commitments and end up taking light-duty or having to change careers altogether. The type of duties we perform on the job can have inherent dangers we don’t even consider when first starting our positions. Some of these tasks could include harmful activities, such as:

● Heavy lifting in a warehouse or construction environment

● Repetitive motion tasks that can accumulate stress on our bodies like working on an assembly line

● On the job accidents like chemical or heat burns, trips and falls, or having an object like a pallet full of product fall on us

● Sitting at a desk or in a driver’s seat all day without opportunities to stretch can weaken back muscles

As you can see, even a light-duty work demand like driving a truck, can eventually break down your body and lead to injury and pain. A New York pain management doctor can help you understand what injury is causing your condition, and help you find relief so you can get back to enjoying life again.

How a Workers' Comp Pain Management Doctor Can Treat Chronic Pain

Most doctors consider pain lasting longer than six months as a chronic condition. Everyone has their own level of discomfort that they can live with, but for some, it’s unbearable. New York worker’s compensation pain management doctors recognize this has a disabling effect on the patient and will develop a care plan to put an end to the agony brought by workplace injuries. 

Doctors in this specialty have a wide array of treatment options available to create the best regimen possible to help you recover. They will also coordinate with your regular physician to assess your full medical history and make sure everyone is on the same page about your condition and the progress being made. 

Some treatment methods your New York pain management doctor may recommend, include:

● Physiotherapy

● Prescription and/or over-the-counter pain relief 

● Electrical stimulation

● Surgery

● Aquatic therapy

● Therapeutic massage

● Psychotherapy

● Relaxation and meditation

The ultimate goal for patients who receive care from a pain management physician is to heal and return to work, even if only light-duty tasks are possible and pain medication mitigates discomfort. Typically, patients can expect to undergo a combination of these care options during the course of treatment.  


Workers Compensation Doctor IME Idependent Medical Exam

What is a workers' comp ime?

Independent Medical Exams

When you have a workers’ compensation case due to a job-related injury or sickness, your treating physician will decide about what medical care you require, when you can go back to work, if you have any permanent disability, and if so, to what degree.  However, it there is a disagreement with your employer’s insurance company concerning the extent of your work-related injuries, you might be expected to submit to a medical evaluation with another physician who is—at least theoretically—unbiased. 

The result of these examinations, known as independent medical examinations, or IMEs, in many states, including New York, can considerably influence the outcome of your workers’ compensation case and the amount that you will get in benefits.  An IME is usually known as a second-opinion examination done by an independent doctor hired by employers or insurance company.  Therefore, it is vital to understand how they function and what you can do to dispute an IME report if it hurts the chances of you receiving your worker's comp benefits.

How will the IME Influence My Workers’ Compensation Case and How Can I Dispute the Results?

The IME physician will write a report after conducting a medical exam. It consists of his or her medical opinion while responding to any questions raised by the insurance company in regards to your accident. You or your attorney should obtain a copy of the IME report as soon as possible.  The IME results can have a considerable effect on your case. Some workers’ compensation judges and hearing officers frequently perceive IME physicians as “experts” and provide substantial weight to their reports. Others are inclined to consider IME physicians as more impartial than treating doctors—although if that is not frequently the case.  

There are situations where you can successfully dispute the findings in your IME report. For instance, if the IME physician’s opinion is based on incorrect facts surrounding the accident or your medical history you should let your attorney know as soon as possible. Your attorney or treating physician will then send a letter to the insurance company clarifying any errors and dispute any erroneous findings.  Your attorney can further assist in protecting your interests by filing complaints, scheduling a deposition to interrogate the physician, or asking for another examination.

Get the proper medical care you need and deserve, call  (888) 590-4030  today! 

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