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Chiropractic Care To Treat New York Worker’s Comp Injuries

For those who suffer on the job injuries, they can file for worker’s compensation and have the right to choose who their treating physician is when seeking care. Under this required employer insurance, injured employees can receive any necessary treatment their doctor feels is needed to recover.

One such method of care is consulting with a New York chiropractor. Doctors in this field offer treatment that is usually non-invasive and promotes total body wellness. Many patients who need chiropractic services after a workplace accident get relief from back-related pain and stiffness, conditions associated with musculoskeletal sprains and strains, as well as vertebrae and disc issues.

Common Workplace Injuries a New York Chiropractor Can Treat

In a single moment or over a gradual period of time, a workplace injury can happen. You might suffer from an acute muscle strain after overextending your back when trying to reach a box on a top shelf in your office. You could suffer from painful sciatica symptoms after years of sitting behind a desk for hours on end.

Whether your job requires a lot of physical exertion or just minimal movement entering data on a computer, you may face a risk of hurting yourself and need a WCB authorized worker’s compensation chiropractor to treat you.

Some common workplace injuries that chiropractic care may help include:

  • Back and neck strains due to poor work postures, poorly positioned mobile devices, and computer monitors that are not level with the eyes
  • Nerves that are pinched due to inflammation related to muscle strains, herniated discs, and sudden movements
  • Chronic tendonitis as a result of repetitive motion injuries of the joints
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome where the median nerve gets compressed by wrist tissue inflammation because of typing or writing without appropriate ergonomic support

Don’t let your desk job fool you into feeling safe from ever needing to file a worker’s comp claim. Sudden slips and falls in your cafeteria or tumbling down a company stairway can result in a debilitating injury needing care. Trusting a local New York chiropractor to provide you with musculoskeletal service options will prove invaluable to your case.

Visit a Knowledgeable New York Chiropractor for Workplace Injuries

After suffering a traumatic back injury while working in your warehouse or receiving a carpal tunnel diagnosis, you will understand just how much your condition affects your work performance. This isn’t only about your inability to continue earning income, but also your overall health and welfare for a lifetime.

Medically based care for on-the-job injuries may push for surgery and prescriptions that require longer healing times. You may also find your ability to do your work isn’t what it used to be, and this needs proper documentation for your worker’s compensation claim to be successful. Many New York chiropractic providers have training for not only treating musculoskeletal injuries conservatively but also to fill out any necessary paperwork to document your condition accurately and appropriately.

Typically, an injured worker might have their initial request for worker’s compensation refused because of reasons, such as:

Wrong medical records were submitted

  • Mistaken or incomplete paperwork
  • Not enough medical documentation
  • Missed a deadline for turning in claim information
  • Failed to report your injury to your supervisor
  • The injury doesn’t fall under state guidelines

Relying on a worker’s compensation chiropractor will help you to not only feel better but prove your claim. The state of New York requires employers to have this coverage, so you will have the ability to seek financial relief of your medical expenses while under care for your injury. There is no immediate guarantee that your claim will receive approval, and those who choose to handle this complicated process on their own regularly get denied at first.

Prioritize Your Care and See a New York Chiropractor Right Away

Ultimately, one of the most important benefits of seeking worker’s compensation chiropractic care is to get financially reimbursed for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs. It’s still important to not lose sight of the equally vital physical benefits you get from this field of medicine and its more natural approach to healing.

Through a more conservative practice of therapeutic massage, nutritional advice, physical rehabilitation, and chiropractic adjustments to the affected areas of your body, you will gradually improve your injury and return to work. Contact a trusted chiropractor today and learn more about their drug-free care approach that helps to relieve pain without heavy pain relievers and downtime from surgery.

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