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What Types of Work Injuries Require Visits to a Chiropractor in New York City?

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Almost everyone has to get a job and complete particular tasks to earn a paycheck and support themselves and their families. Some occupations provide minimal opportunity to become injured, while other lines of work often see employees sustaining work-related injuries that require medical attention from a health expert. A trauma such as a broken bone or severe cut can be quickly cared for at the emergency room and not require much more medical attention in order to heal.

However, other types of afflictions are sustained, which may require more long-term medical care from a provider at a clinic because the pain is internal and consistent. For instance, back and neck pain may be from stress or due to strenuous, repetitive actions necessary for the job. Unlike a broken bone, this type of pain will not heal over time without more specialized chiropractic care and physical therapy. An experienced chiropractor will review your conditions and make sure you are a good candidate for an adjustment or physical therapy.

Common Types of Work Injuries in New York City

Whether you work in construction, a factory, or any other kind of job or practice in New York City, there may be a risk of injury based on the equipment you use and the actions that you complete during the course of your day. There are a few common types of work injuries in New York and around the country. Sprains, strains, and other disorders of the ligaments, bones, and muscles are the first category. Overexerting yourself or completing the same repetitive motion for days, months, or years at a time can certainly wear down the ligaments and muscles to the point where they are at risk of being sprained or strained. Slipping on a wet floor or tripping over an object can also result in ligament, bone, and muscle conditions that require chiropractic solutions such as an adjustment.

The second type of work-based injury involves the musculoskeletal system, including cervical pain and soreness. This type of pain can affect almost anyone due to the generality of it. If you work in front of a computer all day, your spine may become misaligned, and this can affect your functional movement. Those with strenuous occupations may also find themselves affected by pain and soreness from their jobs’ primary activities. A professional NYC chiropractor clinic can treat this as a provider of various therapies and comprehensive chiropractic services, including spinal adjustments and manipulation, tissue massage, physical therapy, and spinal decompression.

Finally, the last category involves the occurrence of cuts, lacerations, and punctures stemming from the use of equipment or other objects for the job. Manufacturing and construction workers often injure themselves while using the trade tools. Depending on the wound’s location, they may find their musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and other areas that have been affected.

What Types of Care Can a New York Chiropractor Provide?

When you have been injured as a result of your NYC occupation, you may be trying to figure out the best course of action to take and what kind of health care you should opt for to return to bodily wellness. When it comes to your long-term physical health, history has shown that care from a board-certified chiropractor in New York, NY, is often an excellent choice for many disorders. An injury on the job can result in serious pain, which prevents you from performing your occupational duties to the best of your ability. This pain diagnosis needs proper treatment services from excellent providers in order for you to heal and for you to return to your work and your lifestyle.

Some licensed NYC doctors of traditional medicine will turn to pain relief medications for a patient as a part of their medical practice in order to combat the effects of the injury. An injury to the back or spine, for example, may result in severe back pain that would prevent anyone from continuing to do their job. This back pain may be relieved through certain pharmaceuticals. Still, a simple search will show that there are other ways to find relief from upper or lower back pain, discomfort in the spinal cord or knee, strains and sprains, carpal tunnel, sciatica, headaches, among other types of discomfort associated with an injury sustained while working. Those different ways include techniques and therapies used in chiropractic care services like manual spinal adjustments.

If you are suffering from upper or lower back pain, strains or sprains in your leg muscles, carpal tunnel, headaches, disc injury, nerve damage, or any other symptoms or conditions resulting from a workplace injury, your health may benefit from an approach to chiropractic which utilizes techniques and methods such as:

  • spine manipulation and adjustments
  • spinal decompression
  • traction
  • electric stim
  • deep tissue massage
  • ergonomics
  • meditation and yoga
  • therapeutic stretching and exercise

Exceptional and comprehensive chiropractic treatments in the office can help you recover from your injury, promote the healing process, increase mobility and flexibility, and ensure that you are back in working condition as soon as possible. One chiropractic technique in association with another can provide many benefits for the patient at their appointment as long as the professional NYC chiropractic doctor has the proper training and certified education in manual chiropractic work. Physical therapists may also share space with a  chiropractic practice in New York, and their therapy treatment can be very beneficial for patients.

How WCB Authorized Chiropractic Care in New York, NY, Can Help in Treating Your Work Injury

When you have sustained an injury at work, your main priorities are eliminating the pain and getting back to your job as soon as possible. With experienced chiropractic care, patients may be able to take advantage of the following treatment benefits:

  • Eases discomfort from injury
  • Reduces reliance on painkillers
  • Relieves chronic aches
  • Provides more affordable treatment options
  • Improves posture
  • Increase overall wellness
  • Returns you to work and life (or sports if you are dealing with sports injuries) sooner.

Chiropractic care in New York is one of the best and effective ways to treat discomfort relating to a work injury and benefits the entire body, including the nervous system. From spinal decompression to massage, chiropractic treatment performed by experienced chiropractors reduces the need for pharmaceuticals and promotes natural healing, including the spine.

Contact an NYC Chiropractic Expert for Effective Chiropractic Treatment and Pain Management

If you have sustained an injury on the job and your physical and mental health have both deteriorated due to discomfort, you may be a candidate for chiropractic treatment in NYC. An expert chiropractor or therapist will be able to use all of the field techniques such as massage, physical therapy, spine adjustments, and spinal decompression to get you back to your best, most healthy self and a release from the aches.

Quality chiropractic healthcare aims to get patients’ bodies to heal themselves without the need for painkillers or surgery, if possible. Chiropractors in NYC holistically treat their patients because they understand how the body’s systems work together. An injury to one area will affect the whole person. The spine, for example, will most certainly affect the limbs, neck, head, and other regions. After a thorough review of your injury, an expert chiropractor will be able to determine the best course of action for your health. Quality chiropractic care promotes health throughout the whole individual so that patients feel better faster and are able to get back to their life. With the proper training and skills, a chiropractor can be a true lifeline for patients with all types of work pains.

Because you were injured while on the job, your company’s workers’ compensation insurance should even pay for the local Manhattan (and surrounding NYC area) chiropractic treatment that you receive to get back into good health, be sure to check the reviews of the potential chiropractors you are considering for your health care, especially if you have spine issues in need of adjusting.

Chiropractic professionals genuinely care about a patient’s overall health. They are committed to the service of their local community through the knowledge of disorders and other conditions that can be relieved through an expert adjustment. After your diagnosis, your chiropractor or physician can develop an active pain treatment plan to focus on the affected area. Call your chiropractor today to get advice about your condition and schedule an appointment to visit the New York office.

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