Can a Work Injury Cause Sciatica?

Can your job cause sciatica pain?

It’s possible that your job duties could lead to back pain. If your doctor says you have sciatica, you might be able to trace the pain to a work injury or repetitive work duties.

Understanding more about the pain and figuring out why you have it can help you determine if a workers’ comp claim is an option.

Read more to learn how some workplace injuries cause sciatica.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica isn’t the cause of your back problem. It’s a word used to describe one of the symptoms you’re experiencing based on another back injury. It happens when the injury affects your sciatic nerve.

Sciatica usually causes pain on one side that affects your buttock or leg. It can range from a dull ache to severe pain. The pain doesn’t usually affect both sides.

It can also cause burning, tingling, weakness, and numbness.

You’ll often notice that the symptoms are more noticeable when you sit. Some people also have sharp pain when they stand up or walk.

Sciatic Nerve

The pain and other symptoms you feel happen because your sciatic nerve becomes irritated.

The nerve goes from your lower back into the back of your legs. The nerves branch out in those areas, which is why you might experience pain in different areas.

Irritation to the nerve often happens due to a back injury. The injury affects the sciatic nerve, causing the symptoms.

Causes of Sciatica

A common cause is a herniated disc. This happens when the nucleus of a spinal disc pops out through a tear or rupture in its outer covering. The bulging nucleus can irritate the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica.

Herniated discs often due to natural degeneration, but they can also result from an injury, such as a fall. You can also have a herniated disc due to a repetitive use injury.

If you’ve fallen at work or experienced another workplace injury to your back that caused a herniated disc, your sciatica could be related. If you repeatedly lift or do other motions affecting your back, it could also cause the herniated disc.

In other cases, sciatica happens due to a bone spur, which an overgrowth of bone.

Will Workers' Comp Cover Sciatica?

Some injuries that cause sciatica might be covered by workers’ compensation depending on the cause of the injury.

If you have a herniated disc due to a work-related injury or repetitive use injury, you might qualify for workers’ comp.

You’ll need to prove that your back pain was caused by something that happened at work. Your workers’ comp doctor can evaluate the situation and provide detailed notes showing the connection between the workplace incident and your sciatica pain.

Deal With Your Sciatica Injury

Whether or not your sciatica injury is covered by worker’s comp, follow your doctor’s advice to help ease the pain faster. Sciatica pain can be debilitating and might require you to take time off of work or modify your work duties.

If your sciatica injury is due to a work-related cause,  call to schedule an appointment with an experienced workers’ comp doctor near you. Don’t wait, call (888) 590-4030 today and get on the road to recovery!