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Common Orthopedic Workplace Injuries: Prevention and Treatment in New York

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Accidents in the workplace environment are common and cannot be avoided as it also occurs to people with non-lifting and desk-based jobs.

Although accidents are likely to occur in workplaces that mainly offer manufacturing, construction, and production services and those that deal with heavy and dangerous objects, non-workplace accidents can affect anyone.

That is why it is necessary to know about orthopedic specialist options and how to connect with the right orthopedic doctors. If you are looking for an orthopedic specialist, reach out to Workers Comp Doctor today. Besides orthopedic specialists, we have a wide variety of professionals who can help in many ways after an injury at work. Their expertise spans neurology, pain management, spine problem resolutions, physiatry, chiropractic work, physical therapy, and diagnostic testing.

Here is what you must know about orthopedic conditions and how treating conditions early on can make a difference for patients.

What Are Orthopedic Injuries in the Workplace?

Overextension injuries like skeletal and muscular strains and connective tissue damages are the major injuries that affect workers who actively engage in the constant lifting and movement of heavy objects.

Tendinitis and Bursitis are prevalent orthopedic injuries that affect workers fond of performing a relative act for a long time, putting the working body in danger. Workers suffering from the injuries mentioned above are plagued with swelling, pressure, and tenderness around the active joints.

Though it is almost impossible to quit one’s source of livelihood in a bid to prevent injuries, several preventive measures can be followed to reduce the risk of workplace accidents occurring. What are the types of injuries that take place in the workplace? For what sort of injuries do individuals seek out physical therapy and orthopedic care? What can individuals do to minimize aspects like knee replacements and surgical treatments? Here is what you need to know about matters related to physical therapy, pain management, chronic pain, joint replacement, specialized care, and more.

Preventive Methods to Avoid Workplace Injuries

For workers who deal with constant heavy lifting and use dangerous mechanical equipment, ensure:

  • You practice correct posture while working. Practicing the proper work posture can be done by checking your form regularly and adjusting once you are found lacking.
  • The working environment is free from any form of hindrances that may obstruct your working routine. Clear away any form of obstacles and remove any object that can cause injury.
  • All spills are wiped off immediately, regardless of how small they may seem. Spills are one of the major causes of accidents in the workplace and are also known to cause falls.
  • The machines are well serviced and are in good condition before operating them. Most workplace injuries can be avoided if significant faults in the machines were detected earlier on.
  • You adhere to the set rules and regulations when working. This includes the code of conduct, mannerism, and the use of safety gadgets that will result in the workplace.
  • You listen to your body. Although the human body is strong, it has a breaking point. If you do not feel stable or focused enough to work, ensure you stay at home and rest.

When unavoidable accidents occur, you should apply different treatment methods before and after consulting skilled medical personnel.

Various Treatment Options for Your Musculoskeletal System

Your medical professional will note a variety of ways to recover from injuries. Here are a few of the various treatment options that your orthopedic doctor professionals may recommend. Some of these may be nonsurgical treatments, while others may be surgical to deal with more chronic conditions.

Apply the R.I.C.E. Method

The RICE method stands for Rest, Ice Pack, Compression, and Elevation. It is regarded as the first-aid treatment or the DIY method to help alleviate injuries.

Rest means laying down or avoiding any form of strain or pressure on the affected joint. To aid the injured parts, doctors recommend using material that aids in mobility while preventing pressure.

Ice involves the use of ice packs on the swollen region. Ice is known to provide almost instant relief on injuries. Ice packs can be purchased in stores, cold gels can be used with ice, or they can be used instead of ice packs as they provide the same effect.

To use ice packs, ensure they are wrapped with a protective material: clothing or polyethylene bags to prevent frostbites.

Compression involves wrapping the affected parts with a medical elastic bandage to help reduce the swelling. Compression can be done by wrapping the swollen joints with an elastic bandage tightly, but not too tightly that it disrupts the blood flow of the joint.

Elevation is lifting or elevating the affected part above the heart level. It simply means the affected part should be above the level of the heart position to allow the concentrated fluid to flow back to the heart into other designated regions. Elevation has been proven to provide relief immensely and reduce swelling if performed for hours.

Physical therapy, postural realignment, and exercise are nonsurgical treatments guaranteed to help injuries. Doctors will recommend certain movements and exercises to help correct or heal the affected body part.

Surgery for the Hip and Knee and Joint Pain Treatment

If none of the above methods helps or if the injury worsens over time, a doctor will proffer surgery as the last form of treatment. Although it is undesirable as it can affect your funds, depending on your insurance situation, limits your activities and source of livelihood for some time, and is also painful, the success rate of surgery is high and can provide immediate relief.

Our Orthopedic Doctors at Workers Comp Doctor Are Here to Help

If you are looking for help with matters related to orthopedic workplace injuries and seek to have board-certified doctors that can deal with orthopedic surgery and more, reach out to us today. We are known to address issues that workers’ compensation injuries to those that involve car accidents, sports injuries, and slip and fall injuries.

If you are searching for a workers comp doctor in New York that can provide those with knowledge of orthopedic surgery and orthopedic specialists, then reach out to us today. We are pleased to assist a wide variety of people with their orthopedic matters. At Workers Comp Doctor, we only list doctors specializing in treating work-related injuries and are experts in their respective medical fields. Our orthopedists accept workers’ compensation insurance, medical liens, no-fault, PIP (Personal Injury Protection), and other health insurance plans. Don’t leave your well-being and health to chance; call (888) 590-4030 to find a top Workers’ Comp doctor near you! Same-day appointments may be available.

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