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Neck Injury

Neck Injury

Neck Pain Injury

New York requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance protects you if you hurt your neck at work. You can file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer and seek medical treatment without any out-of-pocket costs. Your NY neck injury doctor will treat you and bill the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Common Types of Work-related Neck Injuries

You might be surprised by how easy it is to injure your neck at work. Neck injuries are quite common and caused by a variety of factors.

Many people suffer from neck injuries due to repetitive motions. If you move your neck in the same way repeatedly, you can get repetitive motion disorder. This is quite uncomfortable and requires treatment to improve.

Slips and falls can also cause neck injuries. You might slip on a wet floor or trip over a box and fall to the ground. The impact of the fall can cause various neck injuries.

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