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Have you experienced a concussion from a work-related or auto accident? You likely feel out of sorts and aren’t sure what to do. You might have heard that you can just sleep it off, but you should visit a NY medical practice. The doctor can diagnose and treat your concussion. Find out more about what to expect when you visit the office.


First, your doctor will need to diagnose your concussion. You will undergo an examination and cognitive testing to check your symptoms. The exam will cover your hearing, vision, reflexes, balance and coordination, memory, and attention span.

Your doctor might order a CT or MRI scan, as well. These diagnostic tests cannot diagnose a concussion. However, they are used to rule out more serious injuries, such as bleeding in the brain.

Instructions for Home

If you have a concussion, you might stay overnight for observation, but more than likely, you’ll go home after your appointment. Your doctor will send you home with a list of instructions you need to follow so your brain can heal. Since it normally takes 6-10 days to recover from a concussion, you will need to follow these instructions for that length of time.

First, you need to rest. This is the single most important thing to do after a concussion. Your brain needs ample rest to heal, so get a full eight hours of sleep during the night and relax during the day.

You should also avoid sensory and visual stimuli. That means you should not listen to loud music, watch TV, or play video games.

Also, since your brain needs to rest, avoid strenuous mental tasks. This isn’t the time to work on a crossword puzzle or read a difficult piece of literature.

Strenuous physical activities should also be avoided at this time. It is easy to reinjure your brain when it’s healing, so take it easy.

You probably won’t get a prescription for your symptoms. However, you can take over-the-counter pain medications if needed during this time.

Physical Therapy

The doctor at your NY medical practice might prescribe physical therapy once your symptoms have dissipated. While rest is still critical during this juncture, physical therapy will help you improve in the areas of controlled activity and movement.

Vestibular rehabilitation is normally a part of a concussion treatment plan at the physical therapist’s office. These exercises should reduce dizziness and improve your balance.

Your physical therapist will monitor your symptoms throughout the training program. As you start to get better, your therapist will begin to ease you back into normal activities. That could include work. Your therapist will give you information to help you protect your head when you return to normal activities.

Get Treatment for Your Concussion

A concussion should never be taken lightly. You don’t know how serious it is or if the blow to your brain caused bleeding or other problems. Visit a NY medical practice as soon as you experience symptoms. Your doctor will run tests to determine the severity of your problem. Then, you can begin treatment.

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