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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports Injury

Sport-related accidents cause a variety of painful injuries. These injuries can decrease your quality of life and impact your health. Instead of suffering alone, seek treatment from an experienced medical practice. Your doctor will diagnose your injury and create a treatment plan.

Check out some of the most common sports injuries that medical practice treats.


If you tear a ligament or muscle, your doctor will diagnose you with a sprain. You can get this soft tissue injury from falling, colliding into something, or rolling your ankle. It can also occur from overuse. Wrists, thumbs, ankles, and knees are the most common body parts affected by sports sprains, but you can sprain other muscles and ligaments as well.

It’s critical to visit the medical practice to get a diagnosis. Sprains are graded by severity, and your treatment depends on the degree of the sprain. Depending on the severity, your doctor might brace the ligament or tendon to stabilize it and promote healing. 

You might also require physical therapy to strengthen the injured body part and help you avoid future injuries. If you are in significant pain, your doctor might recommend a cortisone injection, as well. This will reduce pain and inflammation. Some patients require the injection before starting physical therapy, so they can do the exercises.


Dislocations occur when the ends of bones are forced out of position. These joint injuries can be incredibly painful and put you on the sidelines. While some dislocated bones go back into place when patients follow the R.I.C.E. protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), other dislocations do not.

If your dislocation doesn’t heal on its own, your doctor will reposition or manipulate the bones into place. You should notice a significant reduction in pain once the bones are back in the joint. However, if you are still uncomfortable, your doctor can prescribe pain medication. 

You also might need a splint or sling to immobilize the joint after it’s in the correct position. Then you will likely go to physical therapy to strengthen the ligaments and muscles that surround the bones and improve your range of motion.


If you have tendonitis, you are far from alone. Countless athletes deal with this sports injury. It occurs when the tendons become inflamed and tight, and it can make engaging in sports nearly impossible.

Tendonitis is common in the elbow, shoulder, rotator cuff, knees, and Achilles tendon, but you can get this condition in other ligaments, as well. A NY medical practice will diagnose your injury and create a customized treatment plan. You might need to immobilize the injured body part so that it can heal. 

Your doctor also might recommend a cortisone injection and physical therapy. Physical therapy will strengthen and stretch the tendon and the muscles. You are less likely to reinjure the tendon if you go through physical therapy.

Dealing With Sports Injuries

Far too many athletes decide to suffer from sports injuries in silence. Don’t try to wait it out. If you don’t get the right treatment for your injury, you might lose strength and range of motion. 

Call today for proper diagnosis and treatment to help you get well fast!

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