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4 Reasons You May Need Physical Therapy After a Work-Related Injury

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Injured at work and considering seeing a physical therapist? Physical therapy can assist so many different kinds of injuries. Keep reading to see if you may need physical therapy and learn about its many many benefits.

1. Can Help Reduce Pain

If your dealing with pain as a result of a work-related injury, physical therapy could be your saving grace. Exercises and techniques like joint and soft tissue mobilization may start relieving pains in these areas.

A physical therapist may also use other treatments like taping or electrical stimulation to restore muscle function and strength.

If your suffering from pain from your injury, this can be a safe solution. Avoid taking pain medication that can cause addiction and instead chose a safe, strengthening option.

2. Improve Your Body Functions

Physical therapy can help your joints function more easily, and it can also help to improve your balance and stability that may have been affected by your accident.

By helping you to stay mobile after an accident or surgery, you can make sure your conditions are improving in a safe way.

If your having issues walking or standing without support, a physical therapist can help you to improve these functions with specialized strengthening and stretching exercises.

A physical therapist can also help to advise you towards helpful tools you can use as you build back strength and mobility.

3. Lower Your Chances of Needing Surgery

Surgery can be painful and expensive, but by visiting a physical therapist you can see if they think you can avoid it with their assistance. By helping to increase your mobility and reduce your pain, you may find that after time with a physical therapist you can skip surgery.

Even if surgery is necessary, it can be helpful to see a physical therapist leading up to your procedure. The stronger shape your body is in before surgery, the better chances you have to recover quickly.

In some cases, it’s also important to see a physical therapist after surgery. A physical therapist is knowledgable about many surgeries and can assist you in moving and stretching your body. This is the safe way to recover after a surgery, with a professional who knows your body’s limits and how to help your conditions improve.

4. Prevent Re-Injury

When you have had an injury or a procedure, physical therapy can help you strengthen the vulnerable areas of your body that are most at risk of another injury.

A physical therapist can give you exercises you can do to build up these weak areas. Make sure that you come out of your surgery and recovery with all the tools you need to stay healthy with a physical therapist’s help.

Need Physical Therapy?

If you had a work-related injury that requires strength building, recovery, or surgery, turning towards a physical therapist can help you recover and strengthen so that you can be healthy at mobile.

Call (888) 590-4030 to find the right physical therapist near you that accepts workers’ compensation. Help regain your strength and independence and do what’s best with your body with help from professionals.


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