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How Can Poor Posture Result in Back Pain?

how can poor posture result in back pain

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Are you living with lower back pain? Then you’re among the 80% of adults who experience it at some point in their life — but what can be done?

Lower back pain affects all areas of your life, including at work and your mental health. There are steps you can take to lower your risk of experiencing it or making it worse.

Sleeping on a bad mattress, injuring yourself on the job, or lifting heavy objects all contribute to a painful back. The way you sit or stand can also build up over the years and lead to chronic back pain.

How can poor posture result in back pain? Let’s look at how your posture can either improve your back pain — or make it worse.

Slouched Posture

Take a moment and think about how you’re sitting right now. Are you hunched forward, shoulders rounded?

You’re slouching. You’re also forcing your lower back to support your tilted upper body.

Solution: Roll your shoulders back. Sit up straight to stack your vertebrae and support your spine.

Sitting Too Long

On average, people sit down 12 hours a day. Your back hurts from sitting because it wasn’t designed to be immobile for so long.

Without your core muscles engaged, they grow weak and stop supporting your spine. Your upper body compresses your lower vertebrae and causes you pain.

Solution: Get up and take a walk at frequent intervals. Work on engaging your core muscles to give your spine the support it needs.

Sway Backs and Pelvic Tilts

When walking around, notice how your body moves. Are you tilted forward or maybe pushing your hips back?

Tilting the pelvis forward causes a sway back. Tilting it backwards creates a curved spine with the posterior sticking out further than usual.

Either posture produces unnatural strain on the lower back.

Solution: Certain conditions like pregnancy or wearing high heels can tilt your pelvis backwards or forwards. Talk to your doctor if you take steps to improve your posture but still have concerns about the alignment of your spine and hips.

Cell Phone Use

Holding your cell phone and staring down at it all day can be a pain in the neck — literally. Tilting your head down all the time causes a domino effect on your spine.

The strain cascades down your neck to your shoulders, eventually ending up at your back. One small cell phone can lead to pain all the way down your spine.

Solution: Take a break from your phone every once in a while. If you have to use it, hold it up so your neck isn’t as strained.

How Can Poor Posture Result in Back Pain? Now You Know

These examples are just a few of the answers to the question “how can poor posture result in back pain”. By being more aware of your posture, you can improve or even prevent back pain.

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