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Workers’ Comp Chiropractic Care in New York

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Did you know that 1 out of every 38 Americans is from New York City? With a population of over 8 million people and 800 spoken languages, it’s the largest and most linguistically diverse city in the US.

It’s famous as the home of the first UN headquarters and as the home of the New York Times. Times Square was named after the New York Times paper and continues to be a world center for events and celebrations.

Fortunately for its residents, New York City is also a great place to find excellent chiropractic care. If you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury in NYC, read on to learn everything you need to know about getting chiropractic care and if workers’ comp covers it.

What Does Workers’ Comp Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors’ special training allows them to feel if the bones in your spine, called vertebrae, are misaligned. These misaligned bones in your back can push your posture off-balance.

The result is extra stress on the bones and muscles throughout your body. That stress can also lead to tension headaches and other painful conditions.

After finding the misaligned bones in your back, a chiropractor will gently push them back into place with a technique called spinal manipulation. They may also use other modalities like massage and electrical stimulation or give you stretches to do at home.

One of the great things about chiropractic treatment is how quickly it works, which is great news for people who are in pain from an injury. You can often enjoy relief in a session of 20 minutes or less.

Worker’s Comp Chiropractic Benefits in NY

The clearest and most immediate benefits to chiropractic care are the relief of back pain, poor posture, and strained muscles. But there are some less obvious benefits as well that are equally as important.

Quality chiropractic care can help lower your blood pressure. It can even help your immune system to function at its very best.

As the spine is central to every function of the body, keeping it properly aligned can improve your health in almost every way!

Common Work-Related Injuries

Slips and falls, overexertion, and being hit by falling objects are common injuries in labor-intensive professions.

You don’t have to be doing manual labor to get hurt on the job, though. Even desk jobs lead to chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and strained muscles.

NY Chiropractic Care and Workers’ Comp

Not everyone knows that workers’ comp covers chiropractic benefits, but it does!

Workers’ comp often allows for a limited number of sessions of chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other kinds of treatment.

There’s a good chance that you can enjoy up to 20 sessions of chiropractic treatment on workers’ comp.

In some cases, however, you’ll need a doctor to examine you and issue a medical assessment stating that a workers’ comp chiropractor can successfully treat your condition.

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Chiropractic care works for work-related injuries.

Call (888) 590-4030 today to find the best workers’ comp chiropractor near you and take the first step on your road to recovery.

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Find Workers’ Comp Doctor Near You

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