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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Telemedicine in New York?

telemedicine in new york

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Every year in New York, there are around 140,000 workplace injuries and illnesses reported. If you’re among the injured in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering what your options are.

Since it’s inadvisable to go anywhere unnecessary at this time, many people have been turning to telemedicine in New York.

Keep reading to find out more about what telemedicine is, how it can help you during the COVID-19 crisis, and whether it’s covered by workers’ compensation in New York.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine has a long history. Today the word is typically used to describe a doctor’s appointment that occurs over the phone or via video chat instead of in the doctor’s office.

Depending on the situation, workers’ comp doctors can diagnose conditions, prescribe medication, and offer treatment options during a telemedicine visit.

Keep in mind this should never be used for emergency situations.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Let’s dig into some of the benefits of telemedicine so you can understand why you may want to have this type of visit with your doctor.

Avoid Infections

Doctor’s offices often have a variety of bacteria and viruses floating around that you want to avoid. However, as the potentially-deadly coronavirus continues to spread, it’s more important than ever to stay home if you can.

By communicating with your physician via telemedicine instead of going to their office, you can keep yourself safe.

You can also prevent spreading the virus even further without realizing it.

Save Time

Even if your doctor gets you in within a few minutes of arrival, you still spend time traveling to and from their office.

If you’re working from home right now, you can continue to be productive while waiting for your visit instead of driving around.

Better Treatment Recommendations

Sometimes, it’s hard for a physician to understand how you were injured at work. This is particularly true if you’re suffering from a repetitive strain injury.

However, if you can bring your physician into your workspace during a telemedicine visit, this can change. You can show them exactly how you sit and perform your job so they can address specific problems and help you make improvements.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Telemedicine in New York?

The most important question for you may be whether or not telemedicine is covered by workers’ compensation insurance in New York.

You’ll be pleased to know that it is covered as long as you’re seeking treatment for a work-related condition and your physician allows it. If you’re interested in pursuing this, always ask a doctor first if they offer telemedicine visits.

Get the Treatment You Need Today

Now you have everything you need to know about visiting doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can see, telemedicine in New York is covered by worker’s comp. You can get medical care while following social distancing recommendations.

To avoid waiting any longer to get the treatment you need. Call  (855) 751-8147 to schedule an appointment with an experienced worker’s comp doctor near you.

All of our doctors are specialized in work-related injuries, so you’re sure to get the help you need for your situation.

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