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Best Long Island Pain Management Doctors After A Work-Related Injury

Workers Comp Pain Management Doctors On Long Island, NY

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Long Island, NY has something for everyone, whether you want to enjoy one of the many museums or famous beaches. If this is your home and you have been injured at work, you’ll be happy to know that Long Island also has excellent pain management doctors near you.

To help you understand why you may need a pain management specialist following a work-related injury, we put together this post.

Keep reading to learn more about your options for finding the best pain management workers’ comp doctor on Long Island.

Most Common Workplace Injuries

Let’s start by looking at some of the most common injuries at work that you could suffer from.

All of these injuries have the potential to lead to chronic pain that may need to be addressed by a pain management doctor.

Slips and Falls

The most common workplace accidents involve slips and falls. These incidents can cause a variety of injuries, including the following:

All of these conditions have the possibility of turning into a chronic pain condition if the injury isn’t treated soon enough or it doesn’t heal properly for any reason.

Being Struck

The second most common type of work injury involves being struck by machinery or any other moving object.

The object could be something as large as a ceiling beam while working construction or something smaller like a box of paper in an office.

Depending on the size of the object and where it hits you, you may or may not need to seek the help of a pain management doctor.

What is a Pain Management Doctor?

A pain management doctor is one who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of any condition that causes pain.

In most cases, this type of physician focuses on treating the underlying condition rather than simply treating your symptoms. This can give you permanent pain relief in most cases.

If you were injured at work on Long Island, you need to makes that any doctor that you see, including pain management specialists, is authorized by the NYS Worker’ Compensation Board (WCB-Authorized medical providers).

When Should You See a Pain Management Specialist?

Pain management doctors can treat nearly every type of pain. There are at least eight described types of pain, including:

  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Breakthrough pain
  • Bone pain
  • Soft tissue pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Referred pain
  • Phantom pain

Injuries can also lead to total pain, which is how medical professionals describe your overall discomfort.

Pain can have a variety of sources, with the most common being injuries, diseases, and surgeries.

If you experience unexplained pain, then you must visit a pain management specialist so that they can help you find the source and provide a solution.

Need Help Finding a Pain Management Doctor Near You?

Now you know what a pain management doctor is. As you can see, they can treat a variety of types of pain that can be caused by workplace injuries. Seeing one can provide you with relief from pain.

If you’re ready to see what a pain management specialist can do for you, we can help you find the right pain management doctor near you.

Call (888) 549-6974 to schedule your virtual consultation or fill out the form below.


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