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Searching for a Workers’ Comp Doctor? Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes


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When looking for a worker’s comp doctor people tend to make these five common mistakes. Read on to learn how to avoid them. It is critical to do your research ahead of time to make the best decisions. A lot of times, it can be a long and challenging process to get your case taken care of, therefore understanding what mistakes to avoid can help make the process faster and better for you.

Going to a General Practitioner or a Family Doctor

When something goes wrong with your health, it is common to assume you should see your general practitioner for care. You are familiar with that doctor and have trust in them to help you.

However, this is a typical mistake that people make when dealing with a worker’s compensation case. Although your general practitioner is qualified to treat your injuries, some factors may prolong the initiation and duration of your care. For example, most primary care physicians are taking care of clients with major medical insurances, making it a challenge to provide you with the care that you need due to time constraints.

Additionally, physicians who are specialized in worker’s comp are experienced in these types of cases and know what is required in order to assist you and can give the extra time and awareness to your situation.

Seeing an Doctor Inexperienced in Treating Work-related Injuries

Going to a doctor who is inexperienced in work-related injuries is an easy mistake to fall into, especially when you are in the beginning stages of looking up a practice that provides care to worker’s comp patients. It is crucial to understand how essential the credentials and experience of the clinician are to your case.

Once you have looked up the options of physicians and what their experience is (this is usually accessible on their website), you are closer to being able to select a worker’s compensation doctor.

Choosing Doctor That is Inexperienced in Testifying in Court

If you were never involved in a worker’s comp case before, you may not realize how important a doctor’s court testimony is to your case.

This is one pitfall that people tend to go through when looking for the right physician. It will be beneficial to have a doctor that is skilled and knowledgeable in giving testimonies and depositions. Choosing a physician that can provide credible information about your case to the court will make the situation less of a headache.

Not researching what Services the Medical Practice

Once you read the online reviews and find options that you feel are appropriate for you, it is part of your due diligence to see what the practice has to offer. Your case may require other types of healthcare providers, and it is helpful to have access to in-house resources. These in-house resources include physical and occupational therapy, pain management, psychiatry, imaging, and neurology. Not only does this save on time for you, but it also allows the disciplines to work together on your case. The practice’s website will often have their available resources listed for you

Treating at a Doctor’s Office Far Away Form You

As you can imagine, getting to the doctor needs to be as convenient as possible, especially if you will be attending appointments frequently. You don’t want to hinder your case by not showing up to an appointment, so finding a convenient location should be factored into choosing a worker’s comp practice. It is best to select a location nearest you to avoid traffic, or near major public transportation if this is your primary means of traveling. Another consideration is the accessibility of the facility, especially if you’re using any assistive device to help with your mobility, such as a wheelchair, crutches, or walker. You want to make sure you are not required to walk up several flights of steps if you are only able to get around in a wheelchair.

Dealing with your worker’s compensation case can be challenging and easily prolonged or made difficult to get the care you need. So, avoiding these common mistakes when looking for a worker’s comp doctor can be useful in helping you overcome this obstacle in your life.

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