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What Doctor To See for Back Pain?

what kind of doctor for back pain

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That feeling of helplessness, of not knowing what to do following an accident, can be devastating. When you’re in pain, figuring out your options and making a decision isn’t at all easy. And out of all the pain, you can experience during this time, back pain can be one of the worst kinds.

Seeing your primary caregiver might be one of your first steps, but where will you go from there? Of course, there are different ways to injure yourself, and these result in different types of pain. What kind of doctor for back pain is right for you, though?

Many of our readers are asking “What doctor to see for back pain?”. Here are four types of doctors that can help you on your road to recovery and getting your life back.


A spine specialist in hands-on adjustments and realignments of the spinal cord. A chiropractor is often one of the first caregivers that patients will see.

Chiropractic physicians typically require x-rays first to see where care is needed. Then a chiropractor will address those areas of the back where the spine is out of alignment and needs to be loosened up.


This specialist focuses on the nervous system and pain—especially long-lasting, chronic pain. Working with a neurologist can help you narrow down what medications will work best for you.

Your neurologist might perform diagnostic testing like EMG/NCV or send you for an MRI. You’ll receive the right long-term prescriptions for your condition and relief from pain.

Orthopedic Doctors

Not just a back doctor, an orthopedist deals with the entire musculoskeletal system.

Your back has many large muscles and ligaments as well as lots of contributing members of the skeletal system—so a large part of orthopedists’ focus is there.

Orthopedists can address issues through orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, and prescribing medicine.

If your back pain results from muscle or ligament damage, an orthopedic doctor might be the right doctor for you to see for back pain.


A physiatrist is a great option as a back pain doctor, especially when you are recovering from a traumatic injury or disability.

They do many of the things a physical therapist does, but a physiatrist is a doctor who has attended medical school and can do even more for you.

Physiatrists tend to look for non-surgical solutions to patients’ problems. They can also prescribe medications.

One benefit of receiving your care from one of these medical professionals is they are adept at coordinating a total care program between each of a patient’s specialists tailored to the individual.

What Kind of Doctor for Back Pain When These Options Don’t Work?

Though this may answer some initial questions on what kind of doctor for back pain is best for you, there are many other incredible specialists out there that just might be the right solution for your health issues.

Back and spine doctors from neurosurgeons, osteopaths, and rheumatologists may be your best options, particularly if you have exhausted other avenues.

Get Back Pain Relief Now

Now you know what kind of doctor for back pain is best for you, but there’s still more you can do.

For additional suggestions on how you can receive relief from back pain caused by accident, or to look into your options for seeking treatment from some of the medical professionals listed above, read some of our other articles.

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