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Common Injuries With Construction Workers

construction injuries

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Construction is a physically demanding job, leading to a high potential for injuries.

As of 2018, the industry employed 1,645,700 workers. If you’re one of those people, or if you’re considering a job in construction, you might want to know the risks of the job.

The dangers often lead to injuries and even death.

Of the 4,779 private industry worker fatalities in 2018, 21.1% involved construction workers. Falls were the leading cause of construction deaths at 33.5%.

Being aware of the risks and the specific injury types can help you take steps to avoid the issues.

Keep reading to learn about common construction injuries.

Back Injuries

Repeatedly lifting heavy materials or using machinery can cause back injuries in construction workers. This can happen when construction workers fail to use proper lifting techniques or safety equipment.

Back injuries can be debilitating. They might keep you out of work for an extended period of time. The pain often continues indefinitely.


Burns can happen a few different ways on a construction site. One is due to chemicals or hazardous materials.

When handled the wrong way, the chemicals can burn the skin. They can also cause explosions or fires.

Equipment that uses heat or flames can also expose you to the risk of burns if you don’t handle them properly.

Head Injuries

Falls and falling debris can cause head injuries to construction workers. Head protection can help, but it can’t stop all head injuries if an object falls from an extreme height.

Head injuries can range in severity, from minor concussions to traumatic brain injuries.

Eye Injuries

Flying debris is common in construction. Chemicals and fumes can also be an issue with the eyes.

When workers don’t use proper eye protection, they run the risk of severe eye injuries.

The flying debris can hit the eye and cause major damage. That could include loss of sight in the affected eye.

Electrical Shock

Construction work often involves electrical items, including power tools, generators, and machinery. If you’re an electrician, you also have the added exposure of working with the wiring.

When not used correctly, those electrical items could cause shock. Getting electrocuted can cause different injuries, including burns, nerve damage, cardiac arrest, and death.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are common with fall injuries. They can also happen with other common construction accidents, including crushing injuries caused by heavy equipment.

A bone breaks will likely keep you out of work or severely limit what you can do until you recover.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

If you do the same type of motion over and over on the job site, you could experience a repetitive motion injury.

These injuries affect your soft tissues, often resulting in muscle strains. They can cause pain, throbbing, tingling, and numbness.

You might notice the injury affecting your strength, flexibility, or coordination.

The side effects of a repetitive stress injury can interfere with your ability to perform your work.

Avoid Common Construction Injuries

Being aware of common construction injuries helps you be more alert on the job site. Taking precautions and using safety equipment can help you minimize your risk of injury.

If you experience an injury due to construction work, don’t hesitate to file a workers’ compensation claim. Your medical bills could be covered if you’re injured during your normal work duties. You should contact an experienced construction accident lawyer to understand your legal rights.

Do you need a workers’ comp doctor for your construction injury? Call (888) 590-4030 to find an experienced physician to get started with your treatment immediately. Don’t delay; same-day appointments are available.

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