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How to Find a Workers’ Comp Doctor in New York

New York Workers’ Compensation Physicians

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New York is the commercial and creative hub of the United States, and that’s not up for debate. Where there’s this much activity, accidents happen. If you’re one of the lucky three million professionals in the state, you’re likely to need the services of a Worker’s Comp Doctor at some point.


Millions of people worldwide dream of working in this dynamic place with its skyscrapers and panoramic views of success. Some even give up comfortable lives in their home cities in pursuit of that lifestyle, which is why there’s a healthy mix of white-collar and blue-collar employees to keep the American economy humming.


However, if you experience a personal injury while doing your job in New York, you’ll soon discover that it is one of the world’s most litigious places for compensation cases. Profit goals remain a priority in this competitive environment, and there’s a wealth of intellectual capital to enforce that directive. Even with insurance coverage, local businesses lose much over a compensation claim from injured workers.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Legal professionals refer to it as workers’ comp or workman’s insurance. It’s an insurance policy that businesses provide to their employees to protect them from financial ruin in the wake of a work-related injury. New York workers’ compensation law requires all enterprises to provide financial assistance to all their employees with a valid injury claim.


Workers’ compensation claims can bankrupt a business, so they hire third-party insurance companies with their own workers’ compensation doctor, legal advice teams, and insurance adjusters. If there’s a claim, the insurance adjuster will investigate it and determine whether the company’s policies for workplace injuries cover the situation. 


For example, some workers have pre-existing conditions that could play a role in an accident claim, so adjusters require legal access to the worker’s medical record.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Give You in New York?

Many employees don’t apply for workers’ compensation for minor accidents. However, even seemingly insignificant injuries can have lasting effects on the body. W on policies in New York cover a broad range of conditions, and if you’re doing your job correctly, your employer and its insurance company should be doing the same.


COVID-19 became one of the most significant worries of American workers in 2020. In New York, if you caught COVID-19 while performing your duties, your employer’s policy should have covered your medical treatment and pain management. It should also have provided payment for the days you couldn’t come to work. 


Carriers transmit COVID-19 with airborne droplets, so a claim should prove that you caught it on the job. Other infectious diseases might also be eligible for workers’ compensation if you can prove you saw it while working, including hepatitis, tuberculosis, staph infections, and zoonoses. People who contracted COVID-19 were put into home quarantine with periodic visits from a treating physician that workers’ compensation should have covered, as well.


Does New York Workers’ Comp Cover Temporary Disabilities?

A comprehensive workers’ comp policy is essential for anybody in the medical field. Most employees think that workers’ compensation is exclusive to diseases on the job or doesn’t cover temporary disabilities that can hinder an employee from working. However, the effects of workplace accidents and diseases go far beyond the building.


For example, when truck drivers have auto accidents, a workers’ compensation policy should cover the hospital stay, physical therapy, and medication (if you were not the cause of the mishap). Your company’s third-party insurance provider would perform an independent physical test with their workers’ comp doctor to determine your disability and a possible return to work. If your temporary disability stops you from working, you may have a valid compensation claim.


If you need to be off work for more than seven days, the New York workers’ compensation law states that your employer’s policy should partially replace your income. The amount you receive will depend on your salary before you were temporarily disabled and the extent of your injuries. If a doctor declares that you are disabled, your company should give you two-thirds of what you make on your usual pay schedule, subject to a predetermined policy limit.


Does New York Workers’ Comp Cover Permanent Disabilities?

Permanent disability often inspires pictures of paralysis, severe burns, or other devastating injuries, but it can also be a small problem that changes someone’s world. For example, a pilot can’t work with hearing in only one ear, and fashion models aren’t employable with extensive skin issues or scarring.


If you acquire a permanent disability that will hinder you from going back to work, New York will require your employer to pay you higher compensation. An insurance firm and your employer will calculate the amount based on the type of injury and your average historical earnings.

For a permanent partial disability claim, it will depend on the part of your body that an accident or illness renders ineffectual. For example, a disabled eye is generally more serious than an injured toe unless you’re a professional ballet dancer. 


Whatever your situation, it’s essential that you work with our workers’ compensation attorney to make sure your claim is taken seriously and represented well along official channels.

Limits of Workers’ Comp in New York

Before you submit a workers’ comp claim, you will need to evaluate the circumstances surrounding an accident or the transmission of an illness. Workers’ compensation will not cover: a work injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

an injury after you start a fight with a client or colleague,self-harm psychological or emotional damages unrelated to the physical trauma within the workplace


Contact Workers Comp Doctor For More Information about NY Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Comp Doctor offers dedicated injury and accident professionals who will advise you on your situation in and around New York. Most workers’ comp claims and negotiations are smoother in the experienced hands of our professionals. We know how to impartially represent your health and well-being while navigating the complex state laws. 


No matter how many platitudes executives make at shareholder meetings, a business is about money. Employees can sometimes stand in the way of a healthy bottom line, and you will need a patient advocate from a Workers’ Comp Doctor to support you through the process. 

Call (888) 590-4030 or make a booking on our website to see how we can help you today.

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