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Knee Injury Recovery Time After a Workplace Accident: Factors to Consider

Knee Injury Recovery Time After a Workplace Accident

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Find an experienced workers’ compensation doctor to help with your knee injury recovery by calling (888) 590-4030.

Working in industrial or manufacturing industries usually involves operating heavy machinery. While most businesses maintain practices to protect their workers from injuries, employees can still get hurt on the job.

According to the National Library of Medicine, knee-related injuries account for over 5% of all occupational injuries treated in emergency departments annually. Injured workers want to know the length of their knee injury recovery time. 

Before examining recovery time, there are other factors to consider, including finding a worker’s comp orthopedic doctor. Read on to learn about knee injuries and how to handle them through worker’s comp. 

Signs of a Knee Injury At Work

Knee injuries are not always apparent right after an incident. As such, knowing the signs of developing knee trauma is crucial to get immediate care. Doing physical therapy as quickly as possible gives you the best chance to recover fully.

The common signs of a knee injury include:

  • Knee pain (either chronic or acute)
  • Limited range of motion without pain
  • Heat
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Knee joints are clicking or popping
  • Knee locking 
  • Feeling unstable
  • Bursts of pain during normal activities like walking or standing up
  • Long-lasting or severe bruising

Keep in mind that various knee injuries will manifest through different symptoms. Acute injuries will likely cause more pain and swelling, while chronic ones may present as popping, locking, clicking, and intermittent pain. Contact us to help you find a workers’ comp orthopedic doctor near me upon experiencing any of these symptoms. 

Types of Knee Injuries

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are various kinds of knee injuries and over 100 kinds of arthritis that can occur within the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles surrounding your knee. Problems can result from a traumatic on-the-job injury or occupational overuse. 

A workers’ comp doctor in NYC and physical therapists may be necessary to heal these ailments. Read about some common knee injuries below.


Strains occur when the muscles surrounding the knee overstretch. These injuries are painful in the moment and will limit your painless range of motion for the duration of healing. You can identify a strain if you feel pain or acute tightening while moving your knee in a particular direction.


Tears in the ligaments keeping your knees intact are sprain injuries that may take up to six weeks to recover. Doctors rate strains on a gradation of 1 to 3, with higher grades identifying a more severe tear. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, is the most commonly sprained and can have a longer knee injury recovery time.


The bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac that protects your knee from impact injuries. High-pressure forces, bacteria, and other external forces can cause bursitis, inflammation, and infection of the bursa. During bursitis, your knees are significantly more susceptible to impact pain.


The patella, or knee cap, is the primary bone in your knee’s structure. Undo pressure or force applied to this bone can fracture it. Occupational knee fractures commonly occur when workers use their knees to brace an unexpected fall.

Meniscus Tear

Overuse and aging can cause tears in the cartilage connecting your knee and thigh bones. In addition, issues with the meniscus may cause painful sensations while walking or standing.

Joint Dislocation

You can dislocate your patella by applying too much pressure or falling on your leg strangely. The blood vessels and nerves around the knee cap dislodge when this occurs and can experience significant damage. Joint dislocations require professional attention.

Different Knee Injury Recovery Time

Your knee injury recovery time will vary depending on the issue. More minor and acute problems could resolve between four to six weeks, while chronic issues and significant tears could require anywhere from four to twelve months of recovery.

Home Remedies for Knee Injuries

Although workers’ comp should cover the costs of your care, some prefer to try alleviating or resolving issues with home remedies. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE method) are what most doctors recommend before more targeted courses of action. However, if chronic pain or difficulty with normal functioning persists, it’s essential to seek professional medical care.

Preventing Knee Injuries

The Administration for Community Living notes that one in four US adults struggles with chronic knee pain. Thus, avoiding knee injuries can save you from long-lasting pain. 

The top ways to avoid knee pain include:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise your lower body
  • Wear knee braces and pads when necessary or recommended
  • Wear shoes with proper support
  • Avoid slippery surfaces
  • Keep your home safe

When to Seek workers’ Compensation Doctors Near Me

It’s crucial to know when to research workers’ compensation doctors near me. If your knee pain persists even after attempting home remedies, you likely have an injury that requires more serious medical attention. Since you have an occupational injury, monitor your knee and call a workers’ comp Doctor if RICE method and other home remedies don’t solve the problem.

Not Every Doctor Accepts Workers’ Compensation Insurance

While you may want to attend your primary care physician for your knee injury, not every doctor accepts workers’ comp. Search for a workers’ comp doctor in NYC through our directory to get the care you need.

Find Experienced Workers’ Comp Doctors in NY, NJ, and CT

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Finding a compassionate and experienced workers’ comp doctor is crucial for a positive and successful recovery experience.

Doctors in our directory accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available. For more information about knee injury recovery time or to find additional care today, call (888) 590-4030 and explore the Workers’ Comp Doctor’s directory of physicians serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain from an on-the-job injury, use our directory to find a doctor near you who accepts workers’ comp and can help with your recovery.

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