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Injured on The Job in NYC? Get Help From Manhattan Physical Therapy Center

Manhattan physical therapy

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Unfortunately, workplace injuries are all too common. Slips, trips, and overextensions are the most prevalent causes of injury in the workplace.

Are you a Manhattan resident who has sustained an injury at work? If so, you may be wondering about what physical therapy services are available in the area.

Read on as we look at the top physical therapy center in Manhattan, and what you should do if you’ve been injured at work.

Common Work-Related Injuries

Manhattan is the most densely populated of New York’s five boroughs. It is divided into three areas; Lower, Midtown, and Upper Manhattan.

The world-famous district is home to both Wall Street and the United Nations headquarters. With so many people living in Manhattan, work-related injuries happen all the time.

Workplace injuries are most common in industries that involve physical work, such as construction.

Orthopedic injuries (which physical therapists deal with) are the most common complaints that arise. An orthopedic injury is one that relates to bones, muscles, or any related tissues (like ligaments and tendons).

If your injury occurred at work, you’ll want to find workers’ comp physical therapy. This is a physical therapy office that accepts workers’ compensation funding.

What Physical Therapy Does

Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy fulfills a range of functions. For those injured at on the job, physical therapy will most commonly treat the symptoms of the injury to get the patient back to work.

Physical therapists treat their patients through a program of exercise and stretching. The idea of this is to gradually improve strength, mobility, and function in an affected area.

A key consideration with many patients is pain reduction. Pain is inevitable with any injury, but it can persist longer than it should. This can make bodily movements uncomfortable, if not impossible.

An important point to note about physical therapy is that its success is highly dependent on the cooperation of the patient.

Your therapist will give you several exercises to work on daily. These are essential to ensure steady progress.

How Physical Therapy Can Help After You Have an Accident

You may already be thinking about searching for “physical therapy near me.” However, it’s essential first to understand how exactly physical therapy can help you.

Physical therapy is a more gradual, longer-term solution than medication or surgery. In fact, medication has no application in treating many of the injuries that physical therapy deals with.

Surgery is often necessary for work-related injuries. However, most patients prefer to avoid surgery where possible.

One of the primary objectives of physical therapy is actually to keep patients out of surgery. A lot of the time, the patient’s diligence in following the instructions of their physical therapist is the deciding factor.

Manhattan Physical Therapy: Get the Care You Need

If you’ve suffered an injury at work, we can help you find a competent workers’ comp physical therapist near you to help you recover.

To ensure you get the right physical therapy care, whether in Manhattan or elsewhere in New York, contact us today.

Call (888) 590-4030 or fill out the form below and get the help you deserve.

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