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Manhattan Workers Comp Chiropractors: How To Find The Best Near You

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Out of all 5 of New York’s boroughs, Manhattan is the most densely populated. Originally owned by the Dutch, they traded it to the English in exchange for nutmeg!  The borough has since grown and flourished.

Manhattan now contains the world-famous Central Park. The area has so much foot traffic, that the right to operate a hot dog stand there costs almost $300,000! And it’s well worth it.

If you were injured on the job and need to find the best workers’ comp chiropractor in Manhattan near you, you’re in luck. There are many excellent chiropractors in the area.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Chiropractic Care?

Not everybody knows that chiropractic treatment often gets the stamp of approval of professional medical doctors. If you’re cleared to seek treatment through workers’ comp, it will almost certainly cover seeing a chiropractor.

Workers’ comp often provides for 3 visits to a chiropractor per week, for 12 weeks. If you need more after that, you may have to secret a variance according to the NYS WCB Medical Treatment Guidelines. In some cases, a medical doctor can write a note stating that further chiropractic treatment will help you recover.

Make sure that any doctor you see for work-related injuries is an authorized NYS Workers’ Compensation Board provider.

So if you’ve ever wondered, “Does chiropractic work?”, the answer is yes!

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Some people think that workers’ comp chiropractors can only help them with back pain or stiff necks. In fact, chiropractors in Manhattan can also treat headaches, stress, and fibromyalgia. Of course, they can also help you feel great and enjoy greater flexibility.

Essentially, a chiropractor performs spinal manipulation. Their skills allow them to discover slight misalignments in your spine and adjust them to bring your spine back into proper placement.

After a session with a chiropractor, you might feel slightly taller, more relaxed, and freer of pain and stress.

Chiropractors can also help you learn postural and relaxation techniques to maintain your results as long as possible.

Common Work-Related Injuries

Injuries at work sometimes occur at once, and other times develop over time. Labor-intensive jobs can clearly cause a variety of back problems, but so can working for years at a desk. Common workplace injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves, muscle strains, and general strain on the back and neck.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

If all of that isn’t enough, there are other chiropractor benefits you can enjoy, including some you might not expect.

The entire body is connected, so bringing your spine into alignment and relieving your strain and stress can actually help you improve the functioning of your immune system.

The immune system relies on other parts of the body to deliver the energy and guidance it needs to properly function.

Spine issues can interfere with that flow of energy and instructions from the brain, so chiropractic treatment can help your immune system operate at its top performance.

Your chiropractic treatments can also help you lower your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can help take the strain off of your heart, helping to prevent a long list of heart problems.

Give Yourself the Best Treatment While Recovering

The world of chiropractic can seem daunting at first, but now that you know all about chiropractic care in Manhattan, you’ll be able to find excellent care!

Call  (888) 590-4030 to find the best workers’ comp chiropractor near you.

Find Workers' Comp Doctor Near You

Find Workers’ Comp Doctor Near You

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