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New York Pain Management: Is the Treatment Covered by Workers’ Comp?

NY Pain Management Doctors Workers Compensation

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All across New York, there are millions of workers getting their jobs done. Even with decades of safety precautions, accidents still happen. What then?

From factory mishaps to simple overexertion, no one is immune from a work-related injury. When you facing the worst, you need to be certain that workers’ compensation will cover your medical treatment at your local New York pain management clinic.

There are ways around and ways to get you the help you need, but for that, you need to understand how all of this works. Let’s break down how to get from accident to healing.

Common Dangers From Working in New York

When people think of workplace accidents, most imagine horrific machinery accidents and something going haywire on a construction site. While these are true and dangerous, they don’t cover the whole story.

A simple slip and fall often end up being the most common accident around any workplace. It could have been a wrong step on some stairs or carrying too much at once.

These can strain your neck to twisting your ankle and anything in between. Back injuries are the most common.

The severity of the injury doesn’t always have to be life-threatening, but it is often underestimated. A sore back can be some simple pulled muscle or some serious nerve damage.

The best way you can know for sure is to find the services of an experienced pain management doctor near you who takes workers’ compensation.

What Can a Pain Management Doctor Do for Me?

A pain management doctor usually is a board-certified anesthesiologist with special training in interventional pain management. It all depends on what you need and all of them can help you identify the right treatment for you.

Here are a few of their other benefits.

1. Physical Therapy Can Speed up Natural Healing

Physical therapy is a series of exercises and regimens that push the body into faster healing. They can help break down damaged tissue and increase blood circulation, a vital part of healing.

2. Targeted Medication

A pain management doctor understands how the nerves and muscles may have impacted by your accident. There are a variety of medications that help to target certain damaged areas to relieve pain.

Pain management physicians can prescribe medication, as well as refer you to any other medical specialist, like an orthopedist or physiatrist, if necessary.

One of the best situations that you can encounter is when a pain management doctor is part of a multi-specialty clinic so you can see all the doctors in one convenient location.

3. Surgical Procedures

Whether or not your accident has put you into extreme measures, surgery may be an option. You don’t need to be critical to get surgery, as sometimes small damage may require minor surgery to clear out.

Injuries, like slipped discs and damage to your spine, will often call for major surgery, though, and your pain management doctor will guide you through it all.

4. Discussing Disability

Sometimes, the worst may happen and a pain management doctor will only be able to lessen the pain. In these cases, you may have to live with permanent damage to your body.

When this happens, the discussion of disability may come up. A workers’ comp pain management doctor can help guide you through the regulations on getting your disability benefits.

Securing the Help You Need

A pain management doctor can help your recovery, but you need to keep within the guidelines of the worker’s compensation regulations. Luckily, that is where we come in. Our database of experienced Workers’ Compensation Board authorized providers can help you find the best pain management doctors near you.


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