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Can Telemedicine Doctor Prescribe Medication: What Is and Isn’t Allowed?

telemedicine prescriptions

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Historically, physicians have been somewhat slow to embrace technology in certain aspects of their practice. After all, they often rely on a thorough physical exam to reach an accurate diagnosis.

One thing relatable to most doctors is the dread when friends, family, and neighbors send them out-of-focus pictures of their toddler’s rash, asking them if it will go away with tea-tree oil.

Despite this, virtual medicine is gaining popularity. Telemedicine prescriptions will have an important place in the future of healthcare, but what will it be exactly?

Lots of our readers are asking if telemedicine can prescribe medication in New York. Read on to learn more to find out the legal and practical aspects of prescribing medications via telemedicine.

The Benefits of Telemedicine Prescriptions

Whenever doctors discuss a potential treatment with a patient, they should talk to you about the potential benefits and risks.

This is to help you make an informed decision about your health.

Let’s use this same method to make the case for telemedicine.


Now, your doctor doesn’t even have to leave their yacht to see you. All jokes aside, being able to perform a virtual doctor prescription can be very convenient for both the patients and the health care workers.

There are times when making the trip to wait in line to see your doctor so you can get yet another refill on your allergy medication can seem a bit tedious.

Telemedicine consists of remote interaction between you and your doctor, such as a video call. It will be a lot like a routine doctor visit (without the throat swab and lollipop).


Now, more than ever, we are becoming aware of the dangers of infectious diseases. Doctors and health care workers literally risk their lives to treat contagious patients.

Also, no one really likes to sit in waiting rooms filled with people coughing and sneezing.

Telemedicine might help you skip a few unnecessary (and risky) trips to the doctor’s office.

Physician Outreach

There are certain communities that don’t have the same access to healthcare as others. There are people who live and work in rural areas where the closest clinic might be hours away.

However, there are plenty of people in urban communities with subpar access as well. Unfortunately, many of these people can’t or won’t see a doctor, even if they feel sick or have pain.

Telemedicine doctors might be able to see people who, otherwise, would have little to no health care. This is an especially powerful tool for psychologists and their patients.


As with most businesses in 2020, telehealth reviews are easy to make and lookup.

Don’t wonder what your doctor is going to be like, hop on the computer and find out for yourself what others have said.


What can be telemedicine prescribe and what is forbidden?

In general, telehealth is not appropriate in emergency situations. If this is happening, forget about trying to connect the internet and dial 911 immediately.

State regulations may vary. However, a teledocs usually can not prescribe meds for more than 30 days. Also, controlled substances almost always require an in-person appointment.

Take Two and Skype Me in The Morning

Doctors and healthcare workers have a lot on the line when they make a decision. A responsible physician won’t give you ibuprofen without being sure it is safe.

It has taken a while but telemedicine prescriptions are here and will only become more available. Many workers’ comp doctors in NY are offering telemedicine services. Get in touch with your physician if you’re interested.

Telemedicine is covered by worker’s comp for New Yorkers who were hurt on the job.


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