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Staten Island Workers’ Comp Neurologist: When To Make Your Appointment

Workers' Comp Neurologist On Staten Island, NY

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One of the smaller boroughs of New York City, Staten Island is home to over 400,000 people and is mostly residential. There are some service, manufacturing, and trade-related jobs there. If you live in this area and have been injured at work, your first step should be to find an experienced workers’ comp neurologist on Staten Island, NY.

Keep reading to learn more about your options to see a neurologist who accepts workers’ compensation in Staten Island, New York.

Common Injuries at Work

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always a chance that you will get injured at work. Across New York City, those in the natural resources and mining industry make up the largest percentage of non-fatal workplace accidents.

Some of the injuries you may experience at work include:

Any injury that occurs at work may make you eligible for workers’ compensation. These are just a few examples of some of the most common work-related injuries.

Benefits of Visiting a Workers’ Compensation Doctor

There are two main benefits of choosing a workers’ compensation doctor instead of sticking with your regular doctor.

The first reason you should look through our list of specialists is that they know accidents inside and out. They will have more tools to help you recover and have seen cases like yours so they know what works.

The second benefit is that they understand workers’ compensation laws and can ensure that your care is covered.

How to Know You Need a Neurologist

Some injuries only affect your bones, joints, and muscles. However, there are others that can damage your nervous system. In these cases, you will need to see a workers’ comp neurologist.

Most likely, your primary care physician will rule out other causes before referring you to a qualified neurologist. However, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms after a work-related injury, don’t wait to get help.

Vision Problems

When things are suddenly blurry or you have dimmed vision, these may be the result of a neurological problem. Either your primary doctor or your eye doctor can help you determine if you need to find a Staten Island neurologist.


Seizures can be as minor as uncontrollable trembling or as severe as becoming unconscious while convulsing. Either way, their sudden onset will require a trip to the doctor and possibly a neurologist.

Trouble Sleeping

Your brain is responsible for regulating your sleep/wake cycles. If these are disrupted without explanation and following a concussion, there may be a neurological explanation that needs to be found and treated.

Unexplained or Chronic Pain

Some pain following an injury is normal. However, if it becomes chronic long after the injury is properly healed, there may be a neurologic component that needs to be addressed. Any sudden and unexplained onset of pain should also be checked.

Need Help Finding a Staten Island Workers Comp Specialist Near You?

Now you know what some of the most common workplace injuries. You can also see why you should look for a workers’ compensation doctor and when a neurologist is needed to treat your condition.

If you’re looking for a Staten Island workers’ comp doctor, call us today at (888) 590-4030. We can help you find an experienced neurologist near you.


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