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New York Workers’ Comp Neurologist: When To See One After A Work Accident

Workers' Comp Neurologist

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Without the right help, an accident can cost you big time, but because they surprise you doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for them. Workplace accidents are no different.
Living in New York, there is a strong sense of no-nonsense. So when you deal with Workers Compensation and you may need a neurologist, you want to know what you’re dealing with and where to get the best medical care.
Let’s dive into the information you need to know about seeing a neurologist after a workplace accident.

Working With NY Workers Compensation Insurance

New York Workers’ Compensation laws have a lot of details to help cover any possible item or issue. This is helpful when you get the help you need, but hard when you are looking for your exact issue.

New York has dozens of different types of workplaces. They range from industrial areas to construction and even routine maintenance. This can leave a wide variety of common workplace accidents.

Common Workplace Injuries

Almost anything can lead to a dangerous accident, but there do end up being common ones that make up the majority of work-related injuries.

For construction sites, bludgeoning from dropped equipment or misplaced material can lead to nasty falls or blunt force trauma to parts of the body.

Electricians face the danger of electrocution every day. Natural gas operators can deal with exposure to harmful chemicals. Even a simple car accident in a company vehicle can lead to some major damage.

The most feared damage, though, is the one you can’t see. This can mean neurological damage.

Neurological Symptoms After An Accident

Neurological symptoms can be hard to determine since a lot of symptoms can come from a host of causes.

When the symptoms are extreme and follow right after an accident, they can mean serious neurological damage.

Common symptoms often are headaches, migraines, dizziness, loss of balance, confusion, vertigo, and sometimes weakness in extremities.

Even if you did not hit your head during your accident, you may still suffer from neurological damage from it.

Getting You the Help You Need

If you start experiencing pain and other neurological symptoms after an accident, you need to see a qualified neurologist as soon as possible.

Make sure that your medical bills are covered by workers’ comp  your neurologist has to be an authorized NYS Workers’ Compensation medical provider

1. Doctors in Your Area

The New York area has lots of qualified and hard-working neurologists that accept workers’ comp insurance.

Experienced doctors like, Aric Hausknecht MD, Igor Stiler MD, and Ranga C. Krishna MD are board-certified neurologists who accept workers’ compensation and no-fault insurance.

2. The Workers’ Comp Doctor

If these doctors do not work for you, either because you want someone closer to you or don’t work well with them, there are other options.

We here at have a medical provider search engine to help you find the right doctor for all of your needs.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

The best New York workers’ comp neurologists can offer a clear and decisive plan after an accident. Preparing yourself for a full recovery is easier than it seems!

If you need help finding a trusted neurologist near you, we are here to help. We have a long history of making sure people get the care they need and deserve after an injury or an accident.

Call (888) 590-4030 to schedule your appointment with an experienced neurologist near you.

Find Workers' Comp Doctor Near You

Find Workers’ Comp Doctor Near You

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